The benefits of air sealing and weatherization of your home can not be understated.  Air leaks are capable of costing you 10-25% more on your home energy bill due to lost energy.  The use of a trusted professional is the recommended way to properly air seal and weatherize your home.  Not only do professionals have access to the tools and training required to handle this task efficiently using untrusted professionals can reduce the air quality of your home causing a health and safety hazard by reducing proper air flow below the guidelines of the United States Government.

By using a combination of materials GreenSeal Weatherization is capable of significantly reducing energy costs associated with air infiltration caused by inadequate insulation and installation of house components. This is done quickly, safely, professionally, and in accordance with industry best practices.  Whether you need to retrofit an existing home or air seal and weatherize a new construction,GreenSeal Weatherization is capable of handling all of your needs.


Air Sealing  – Caulking

Caulking is best for air leaks that are small in size and where no/minimal movement of the caulked area is expected.  Many areas of the home can benefit from proper caulking including window, door and baseboard moldings (this can account for up to 1/3 of a homes energy costs!).

Air Sealing  – Foam Spray

Foam spray is an effective method of insulating newly constructed buildings and areas with easy access to the area to be insulated.  Foam spray is fire retardant and an effective solution in preventing air leaks.


Air Sealing  – Foam Injection

Foam injecting is an excellent choice in insulating newly constructed homes, as well as, offering the ability to effectively retrofit existing structures.  Not only will air infiltration be significantly reduced noise reduction is an additional benefit.

Air Sealing  – Weatherization

Weatherization of a home is an important part of protecting you from costly future repairs.  The benefits you receive from  total home evaluation and services not only protect your home from unnecessary damage they also allow your home to be more energy efficient, saving your hard earned money.

GreenSeal Weatherization would be proud to have one of our trained home energy auditors answer your home energy savings questions.
If you would like to request a home energy audit or have any questions please feel free to contact us.