A Home Energy Audit is the first step in home energy savings. A home energy audit can help you assess how much energy your home uses and evaluate what measures you can take to improve your home energy efficiency. But remember, home energy audits alone don’t save energy. You need to implement the recommended home energy saving improvements in order to enhance energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and increase comfort.

Each Home Energy Audit performed by GreenSeal includes the following:


The blower door test is an instrumented test that is used to determine the air tightness of your home.  In its simplest form it is like placing a punctured tire into a bucket of water to check for air leaks.  Unfortunately, the ability to put your home into a large bucket of water is highly unfeasible.

Before the blower door test is performed all windows and exterior doors must be closed.  After that is complete the home energy auditor will open and reseal one exterior door and inserts a large fan to draw air from the house.  Drawing air from the house allows the auditor to keep the house at a constant pressure so testing can be performed.  The auditor will measure the airflow rate that is required to maintain pressure stability and will be able to inform you after evaluation of  your home energy audit, how well your house prevents air infiltration, as well as, the problem areas and proposed corrective action.



Once the Air Leakages are exposed we will then make recommendations to eliminate the leakage.  For example; caulking smaller open gaps, Foam spray in larger open gaps, adding adequate insulation to bare spaces and weather stripping around doors.





Our home energy auditors use thermal imaging analysis (thermography) to detect defects and air sealing problems throughout your homes building envelope.  This infrared scanning technique allows the auditor to see through a specialized device heat as it travels through your home.

The importance of thermal imaging can not be understated as it has the ability to check the effectiveness of current insulation and allows the auditor to see where extra insulation might be needed and the most cost effective corrections to make sure you are not losing money through air leaks and cracks not observable by visual inspection.

Thermal imaging also has the benefit of informing you of leaking roofs and other home problems saving you potentially costly home repairs in the future.


Leaks in air ducting are now considered a major source of home energy loss.  Estimates vary  but the average loss to be expected in a faulty duct system can be as much as 25% of TOTAL Home Energy Loss.

Duct leakage is important because air leakage through a duct system can cause you to lose more energy than air infiltration through the building shell.  Not only do you lose energy it effects the proper operation and efficiency of your heating and cooling units wasting more money unnecessarily.

There are two ways to test for duct leakage, the blower door test and Duct Blaster.  The blower door test is an indirect method of measuring air duct loss and more information can be found on the blower door test page.  The Duct Blaster test is a direct test and tests the venting system directly.

The Duct Blaster Test is performed by attaching the blaster fan to the ducting system at the return grill or air handler cabinet.  Once that is complete any remaining registers and grills are temporarily sealed for the remainder of the test.

The Duct Blaster Testing starts with the turning on of the fan which helps to create a stabilized pressure within the duct work.  Air flow is later measured and efficiency loss can be calculated from the available data.  Non-toxic theatrical fog may also be used by the home energy auditor to visibly determine the source of the air leaks.


Every GreenSeal audit consists of a safety inspection of your home.  Home safety is very important when energy consuming appliances are used in a household.  Not only is there a chance of fire from malfunctioning or improperly configured home energy systems, the “silent” killer Carbon Monoxide may be present putting you and your family at risk.

Our highly trained and professional home energy auditors will evaluate your home for a multitude of potential health and safety issues and offer corrections that may end up saving your life and will increase the overall  health and air quality of your home.

Some items our auditors will check include:

1.  Test and verify CO detectors are present and operating correctly

2. Test and verify Fire Alarms are present and operating correctly

3. Carbon monoxide emissions test on your appliances (Boiler, Stove,indirect water heater, etc.) during the audit and after any contracted work

4. Mold and moisture inspection and evaluation

And many more!


Moisture build up is a common problem with homes throughout the United States. The moisture not only causes problems with energy consumption, but it can also cause health and safety problems for homeowners. Our auditors use the infrared camera to test every crevice throughout the home to determine if there are any moisture or mold problems due to inefficient ventilation or improper insulation installation.


Properly installed energy efficient windows and doors can save you up to 15% on your home energy expenditures.  A common misconception is that replacing windows and doors should be the first thing you do to increase the energy efficiency of yout home.  This is not necessarily true as up to 40% of home energy waste is due to improperly weatherized crawl spaces and attics.

GreenSeal home energy auditors are trained to inspect and find common problems with windows and doors that do not necessarily require replacement but, can save you money.  Many of these problems can be fixed expediently and cheaply and quickly pay for themselves.

During our home energy evaluation we will prioritize our recommendations based upon the largest amount of potential savings.  Our trained auditors will be able to identify whether or not you need a replacement or minor repair to your windows or doors saving you time and money while making you more energy efficient(Saving more money!).

Solutions Presentation

After the audit is complete, our certified energy auditor will compile all the data from your audit and customize various simple solutions for your house. All of our solutions are guaranteed to reduce your energy bills by up to 40% and have a payback period of 3 years or less.

GreenSeal Weatherization would be  proud to have one of our trained home energy auditors answer your home energy savings questions.  If you would like to request a home energy audit or have any questions please feel free to contact us.