Preparing For A Home Energy Audit

After making an appointment with GreenSeal Weatherization there are a few things you should do before our visit. Create a list of any problems that have been evident to you. For example, you might have noticed drafts in certain areas of your home. You will also want to have your past year’s 12 months electric and oil or natural gas statements available for your energy auditor. If you haven’t saved them you are able to get copies from your energy provider or from their site online.

As we perform your home evaluation, the energy auditor might suggest some things along the way that will be quick and simple fixes for energy conservation and comfort. You will receive a written report from GreenSeal Weatherization which will specify your home’s needs for energy efficiency and comfort. Once you receive this official report be sure to follow the recommendations or at least plan for them.

Your home energy auditor will inform you as to how much energy you use and evaluate what you can do to take measures in improving the energy efficiency of your home. An audit will show you problems that “when corrected”, can potentially save you significant amounts of money over time. Your home energy auditor will also go over the Rebates and Subsidies which may be eligible to receive.


GreenSeal Weatherization would be proud to have one of our trained home energy auditors answer your home energy savings questions.
If you would like to request a home energy audit or have any questions please feel free to contact us.