An often forgotten area of a home when it comes to saving money is the attic. When most homeowner’s think of attics they see an unglamorous area used to store excess and do not realize its importance in saving them money. Initially the idea of spending money on proper insulation of your attic may not seem the most effective use of your budget but, most properly insulated attics pay for themselves in energy savings within 3-6 years!


  • Increased Comfort

Besides the cost savings one of the immediate effects you will notice after living in a home with inadequate insulation is your increased level of comfort.  Gone will be the days of

drastic temperature changes on the outside of your home causing inadequate cooling and/or heating inside the home.  This “barricade” effect will allow your heating and cooling systems to maintain a constant state of comfort.

  • Decreased Cooling AND Heating Costs

The attic is usually the reason for the largest loss of home energy efficiency.  By creating an appropriate barrier between the air inside your attic and the air inside your home through proper insulation you reduce

how hard your cooling and heating systems have to work.  This allows you to reduce your overall energy costs by eliminating the problems your home conditioning system faces when trying to maintain stability of temperature in the home.

  • Increased Home Value

Properly insulating an attic, even if you have little or no current attic insulation is a cost effective way of reducing energy costs and most home owners are surprised at how little it costs.  Not only are these costs small, they also add value to your home!  In this ever increasing competitive market being able to prove to potential home buyers, through a copy of a reduced  home energy bill from proper insulation, differentiates your home and gives you a competitive edge increasing your home value instantly.




Batt Fiberglass Insulation Installation

Batt Fiberglass is pre-cut insulation material (batts) and are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and r-values needed to insulate your attic.  It is designed to be installed into common shaped and sized wall framing and is available for interior and exterior walls.


Cellulose Insulation Installation

Blown-in cellulose insulation is an insulating material that is useful just about anywhere.  Not only can it be used in place of batt fiberglass , it can be used in finished wall cavities, hard to reach places, and non-standard shaped and sized areas that would make other insulation methods impractical or impossible.

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